Ui is Yui's younger sister, who begins the story as a third-year junior high school student, but later enters Yui's high school the following year in the same class as Azusa.[8]Unlike her older sister, Ui is mature, responsible, and handles household chores well. Despite these differences Ui shares a very strong relationship with Yui and has a great deal of love and admiration for her older sister that sometimes borders on a sister complex.[6][44] She takes particularly good care of Yui and strives to look after her even at risk to her own health.[15][16] Ui is considered to be the ultimate groupie for her sister's band and supports them with all her heart. She occasionally provides a narrative to the story.[41] Despite being a year younger than Yui, she is nearly identical to her older sister with her hair down and is even able to fool members of the light music club on more than one occasion.[9][45] Ui is a fast learner, able to learn how to play the guitar after only a few days' practice.[9][46] She is also able to play the organ if needed.[41][47] She eventually joins the light music club along with Jun at the end of the series, becoming a guitarist like her sister,[42] playing a Surf Green Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. Ui becomes fascinated with Sumire's sister-like relationship with Tsumugi upon learning of it, as Ui sees it as very similar to her feelings toward Yui

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