Another freshman in the same class as Sumire. Generally poor at physical activities, Nao goes through several trial runs through various clubs before deciding to join the light music club, as she feels it is where she can try her best.[36] Like the kanji in her name, she is overly honest about her shortcomings. After reading up on music theory, she ends up having an advanced knowledge of music but lacks the ability to physically play it. However, when she is introduced to music creation software, she decides to become the band's producer. She is the oldest among the five siblings in her family.[53] When on her first training camp with the Wakaba Girls, Nao writes the lyrics for the band's first song, titled "Answer". She wrote the song to reflect Azusa's misgivings about her role as president of the light music club. Okuda remarks that she keeps track of all her band mate's conversations and behaviors by entering her observations into her computer, therefore she was able to describe Azusa's exact feelings in her lyrics.

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