Jun is an outgoing girl and a friend and classmate of both Azusa and Ui from before they joined the light music club. Ui at first tried to get Jun to join the light music club but ultimately failed due to a strange visit to the club room.[8][48] Thanks to this experience, Jun stayed in the Jazz club instead. While there she played a Yamaha Sbv500 bass.[41]Jun became one of Mio's admirers because they both play bass.[49][50] Jun begins to regret not joining the light music club when she hears about all the activities they do and eventually joins the light music club at the end of the series.[42] She attempted to play the guitar but she did not feel that it suited her.[51] She has an older brother named Atsushi who also plays bass and regularly gives Jun lessons. Jun was embarrassed when the light music club found out that she was receiving these lessons because she felt it damaged her image as a person who could learn an instrument on their own.[52] Jun owns a pet cat in the anime series.

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