Ura-On!! 1 "Fortune Telling for Everyone"

"Minna de Uranai" (みんなで占い) 

July 30, 2010
Azusa becomes a fortune teller, learning everyone's dreams in order to tell them about their former lives, which happen to be of various bugs. 
Ura-On!! 2 "Souvenir Stories"

"Omiyage Banashi" (おみやげ話) 

August 18, 2010
The senior year girls talk about the souvenirs they bought during their school trip to Kyoto. 
Ura-On!! 3 "I Want Siblings"

"Kyōdai Hoshii" (きょうだいほしい) 

September 15, 2010
Since Yui and Ritsu have siblings, the other girls wonder what kind of siblings they would have. 
Ura-On!! 4 "Childhood Dreams"

"Kodomo no Koro no Yume" (子どものコロのゆめ) 

October 2010
The girls look over the dreams they had when they were younger. 
Ura-On!! 5 "MC Grand Prix"

"MC Guran Puri" (MCグランプリ) 

November 2010
The girls have a contest to see who is the best MC. 
Ura-On!! 6 "Ura-On! 3-Minute Cooking"

"Ura-On! Sanpun Kukkingu" (うらおん! 3分クッキング) 

December 2010
Tsumugi acts as hostess to a cooking program as two of the girls and Sawako show off their meals. 
Ura-On!! 7 "Sakuragaoka Musical Productions"

"Sakuragaoka Kageki Dan" (桜が丘かげき団) 

January 2011
After the school play, Yui comes up with ideas for musical adaptations of their songs. 
Ura-On!! 8 "Once upon a Time"

"Mukashibanashi" (むかしばなし) 

February 2011
Tsumugi and Ui retell fables with Yui and Azusa acting as some of the characters. 
Ura-On!! 9 "Help Us! Yui-chanman / Light Music Club Rap"

"Otasuke! Yui-chanman / Keionbu Rappu" (おたすけ! ゆいちゃんマン / けいおんぶラップ) 

March 2011
Yui takes the role of a superhero and helps the girls with other tasks. At the end, the other girls wish Azusa luck with running the High School Light Music Club. 

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