Love Crysis is an experienced band which attended several concerts already, which earned them much fame and a decent fan base. They also have own products like CD's. The band members all wears orange pullovers. The band is even able to perform outside of Japan, giving concerts in a sushi bar and a "Japanese culture event" in London.

Maki, who is an old friend of Ho-kago Tea Time's drummer Ritsu Tainaka, invited the band to play at a Live House on New Year's Eve, giving them the opportunity to play outside of their school for the first time.[1]

Some time later, the two bands meet again in London, where HTT was mistaken for them in a sushi bar they visited by chance, where they had to play for the owner instead of Love Crysis, not knowing about the mistake. Love Crysis later told the Live House owner Kawakami that HTT is also in London which paved the way for them to hold their first international performance during a Japanese culture event, where Love Crysis also performed.

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