# Title[11][12] Original airdate on TBS[12] English airdate
01 "Disband the Club!"

"Haibu!" (廃部!) 

April 3, 2009 March 16, 2010
Yui Hirasawa has just started her high school life, but does not know if she should join a club or not. Meanwhile, Ritsu Tainaka attempts to drag her friend Mio Akiyama to join the light music club, only to discover it will disbanded if it doesn't recruit four members. With Ritsu and Mio as the starting members, they manage to convince Tsumugi Kotobuki, who had initially intended to join the choir club, to join up with them. In their search for a fourth member, the three each put up a poster for the club which catches Yui's eye. Misunderstanding the term "light music", Yui submits a form only to realize they are looking for someone to play a guitar, which she cannot play. Despite this, the three members try to get Yui to stay, and after playing a short piece for her, Yui decides to join the club and learn the guitar, which she first has to buy. 
02 "Instruments!"

"Gakki!" (楽器!) 

April 10, 2009 March 16, 2010
As Yui and the others go shopping for a guitar, Yui is drawn to a Gibson Les Paul, but finds it is more expensive than her ¥50,000 allowance. In order to make enough money, the girls decide to get part-time jobs and end up being traffic survey counters. After two days, with not enough money earned for the Les Paul, Yui suggests that the others keep what they earned and decides she should purchase a cheaper guitar. As Yui finds herself once again drawn to the Les Paul, Tsumugi, who turns out to be the daughter of the music store's company president, manages to haggle with the shopkeeper to let Yui buy it for ¥50,000. 
03 "Cram Session!"

"Tokkun!" (特訓!) 

April 17, 2009 March 23, 2010
Yui and the girls are now taking their midterm exams. Unfortunately, Yui practices playing her guitar chords instead of studying and ends up failing. If she fails the retest, she cannot participate in club activities and the club will be disbanded due to lack of members. A day before the retest, Yui still has not been able to study much and begs Mio, Tsumugi, and Ritsu to help her. Mio comes through, while Ritsu is more of a hindrance than help. Days after the retest, an exhausted Yui returns to the club room with perfect marks. To celebrate, the girls ask Yui to play the guitar chords she had learned, only to find that Yui has completely forgotten them. 
04 "Training Camp!"

"Gasshuku!" (合宿!) 

April 24, 2009 March 23, 2010
Mio finds a box filled with stuff from the previous light music club in the club room, including a cassette tape of the previous club's performance at the school festival. After listening to it, Mio is inspired to get the gang together to practice over the summer break for the upcoming school festival. Worried about cost, the girls turn to Tsumugi, who just so happens to have a villa along the coast. They travel by train to Tsumugi's beachside villa, where Mio is determined to practice, however she is outnumbered and ends up playing around with the girls instead. After eventually getting some practice done in the evening, Mio is awed by the sight of Yui playing guitar in front of some fireworks. Mio confesses to the others that she wants them to be as good as the old light music club, playing the cassette tape for them. However, when tape flips to the backside, Mio is horrified by the shrieking intro of a vocalist in the old club. To cheer Mio up, Yui plays a perfect guitar solo and learns a new trick of vibrato on the guitar. 
05 "Advisor!"

"Komon!" (顧問!) 

May 1, 2009 March 30, 2010
The light music club is still not officially recognized, as they did not turn in a club form months before and have yet to find an adviser. The girls ask the music teacherSawako Yamanaka to be their adviser. Though she initially refuses, it is discovered that she used to be a member of the previous light music club as a death metalenthusiast, and Ritsu uses that fact to blackmail her into becoming the adviser. As the club still needs a vocalist and lyrics, Mio writes a song called "Light and Fluffy Time", which is accepted, despite protests from Ritsu. Since Mio is too embarrassed to sing, Yui offers instead, but she cannot sing and play guitar simultaneously. Sawako teaches her to do so, but after all the training, she loses her voice. With only three days left to the school festival, Mio must perform the vocals herself. 

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